The Company is committed to performing psychological research that, can help the reader attain a clear awareness of the behavioral details that move us forward in our adaptation process.  To make progress as a species we must adapt past predictable behavioral lines of existence set down by our unconscious memories of our lives multiple previous experiences. The field data strongly suggests, that an old idea is valid. That idea taken on faith by the great religions is best paraphrased by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross whom,  observed, ‘It seems that what we have been told in Sunday school for the past 2,000 years is true… our souls are eternal’.  Perhaps, its also true that our soul’s just, broaden with, each biological experience as author, Gary Zukav theorized in his book Seat of the Soul.

All of our soul’s integrated behavioral mannerisms are an expressed result of the synthesis of all of our previous past experience and our soul’s remembrance of those experiences.  Our past experience unless treated therapeutically to the position of insight simply rests as background information on our soul over millennium.  It seems clear that, our present behavior appears to have nuances that, to the erudite observer are carried across time as  a behavioral reflection of many earlier themes that are rooted in much earlier, “important” or memorable works. These masterful or important historical works are remembered in the unconscious structures of the mind across time.

It seems, the important events of our soul’s experience are maintained in the mind across a time continuum of indeterminate length. Our memories of earlier civic and cultural experiences somehow, move behavior along similar themes that, limit or slow down our choice processes as time goes on. Social entropy can result in bias and can be unhealthy to the recovery of the global economy that does  rely of a network of social connections, in order, to make successful progress on written and oral contracts.   When, behavioral themes repeat they carry an entropic or a “slowed down” quality ifthe old memory is triggered by similar stimuli in the present time. This, can make progress difficult in the modern world; but there is a measurable time lag between the environmental stimuli and retention of the experiential memory that can help the psychiatrist, psychologist or  guidance counselor identify the historical periods of past life experience their client has has knowledge of or had direct experience in that is creating an impass to their personal growth.   We are not primarily a phsyical being. We are motivated by the contents of our  soul and our will that, tries to make progress to attain in the physical world by using the phsycial senses we have in the current time. 

Participation in the desire to attain things is of course, not limited to the person by country; the soul does not recognize political boundaries. A list of the countries reached in the field research follow. Afghanistan, Austria, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon,  Mexico, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, The Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, The Society Islands, Spain, Switzerland, Tibet, Turkey and the USA.   All of these countries offer civic contributions and several important artistic gifts that, are reflections of magnificent achievement that, the world still treasures, today.  The histories of these countries is in part, the doing of American citizens whom,  have shown similarities psychologically speaking in their behavioral repertoire to the motifs of important works that remain legacies of these older countries.  

It is only, through careful examination of our past behavior will the many themes of war that, offer unnecessary hurting be challenged and redirected toward benificial ends.  It is necessary to attain a knowledge of ourselves so that we understand which, motifs are playing forward old attitudes based on our unfinished behavior from the earlier civic and cultural relationships we cultivated long ago.  If we carry with us unfinished business we have baggage that weighs down one’s thoughts and behavior so, that today the individual wearily follows old patterns in the modern time. Without therapeutically led confrontational interventions into our past lives which, must possess an erudition of history by the therapist, we will in all likelihood continue on with a life narrative that is unable to look creatively with new energy at war’s  historical archetypical origins.  We will also miss for at least a generation the reasons for our mind’s entropic problem solving qualities. We cannot afford the status quo.  Therapy is good for everybody!

Our old solutions to conflict have created memorable behavioral patterns that, traditionally perpetuate war as a solution to major conflict spiraling the issue into a whirling matrix of repeated dramatic themes of conflict in the home and internationally, generation after generation.  Our old archetypal memories of war  act in the mind today as psychological reinforcers for that behavior. Buddies in war times come back to share comradship when new births of a lost buddy’s soul happens in the family of a soldier. Archetypal memories permit the resumption of patterns of behaviors that lead to the leaf not falling far from the tree.  I saw when analyzing motherhood as an archetypcal theme repeat generations on.  Even brother and sister relationships recurr within families whether or not they were faced with violent war historically.  This, book’s analysis hopefully, lends a margin of behavioral clarity about the civic and cultural motifs unfolding, globally.  It hopes to add new new knowledge concerned with our subtle connections to history and the unfolding zeitgeist of the world.  Our lives are complex but it is worth knowing are a reflection of our efforts to attain historical progress.















our common ground has shown we arcs human effort into a global dynamic.

Historical themes which, are present in unconscious behavior unfold through, the operation of what, the late renown Swiss psychotherapist Dr. Carl Gustaf Jung called, the “collective unconscious”.  The operation of the collective unconscious simply moves into, the current time an appreciation of our earlier past life memories or an important event that are shared in the recollections of many, today. The syllogism of individual soul, time, place and motif have to be pinned down if, we are to be able to correctly order, guide and direct our future as individuals and our country as a member of the world community wishing to move on toward peace and prosperity.  War is a Jungian archetype that is standard to us all. Motherhood is another archetype that is standard to us all.  If, our society and our leadership are left without illumination or new knowledge about the “self”  it is likely that one day nuclear conflict and war in all it’s forms unthinkable yet, remembered by all of us at work in the Network age…  might come about.

Not all of our soul’s common ground motifs seen by, the author, in the field were war related! There were roughly 46 periods of governance witnessed. Many past lives were matched to magnificent unsurpassed works of importance found in the pages of history in the fields of art, dance, music, philosophy, exploration, theater, literature, the royals, governance and science. All were USA citizens discovered to have their origins  in greatness long ago whom, today live seemingly ordinary lives certainly, without the trappings of great fame that would be theirs if the public knew of their past lives.   The book ends on an optimistic note due to the fact that the most positive influences upon our modern day zeitgeist do not seem to diminish with each passing generation but remain carefully balanced across time.  The reader, will take heart to see a return of great maestros in music, art, greats in science, theater, philosophy exploration and literature bringing history to life, again!