Upcoming Book

The Hall Institute of Historical R & D Company was founded on the belief that people require the latest psychological information available in the modern era. The past field work of the Company has produced an early Governmental Report titled, Time Returns. This, document appeared in some form in 1990 with, a full update during the Clinton years. This document offered the last 5 Presidents a degree of psychological transparency concerned with historical patterns seemingly in recurrence in the behavioral dialogues that move society in the USA. 

After testing the Company will release to the public for the first time the report the Presidents, George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama and President Donald J. Trump have looked over. The book now, titled, TRANSPARENCY…..Our Common Ground or Other Riddles of the Universe lists roughly forty six periods of governance that were discovered in the psycho-historical match work compiles all competing for attention in the American governmental zeitgeist.   The economic progress each of these many gifted personalities matched to ancient movers and shakers appear to reflect the very wry and slow recovery of the economic markets, globally.

Matches of present day people to great people of the past make a history “Come Alive”!  This, book hopefully, will promote a fresh view of the religiosity and sociopolitical parameters at work in the current zeitgeist of our time. American Citizens can discover new “Common Ground” with the people of 34 older nations. The citizens of older nations share through their civic and cultural legacies thoughts of pride with, citizens of the USA whom, also hold unconscious memories of important works from their past lives.  The biographies of the important movers and shakers from the pages of history have been tentatively matched to US citizens living today.  The book  includes  photographs and the biographic details that make up our “Common Ground” as a species.  Our thoughts determine our behavior.  We must not sit on the status quo allowing out thoughts to be mired in old business for the survival and continues evolution of our species is what is at stake.  

Economists believe there are psychological factors that move markets, in addition, to purely numerical ones! The in-depth psychoanalytic assessment of the field behavior of the subjects found behavioral shadows that, could only be explained by experience in the important motifs of much earlier days of governance. Psychoanalytic field research that includes, a review of the important and  dramatic details only found in history books, will assist all therapists in attaining a complete understanding of his client’s  behavior. More psycho historical research in this genre is urgently called for.  The therapist’s return to the history books to find behavioral background that fits the shadow behaviors or conscious behavioral  patterns their client ought to be routine homework for the therapist.   Some erudition of history ought to be a requirement of all responsible psychoanalysts performing past life analysis as part of their client’s finishing work.

TRANSPARENCY.. Our Common Ground of Other Riddles of the Universe will be available at Amazon.com.  Look for it in both, paperback and eBook formats!