TRANSPARENCY…Our Common Ground or Other Riddles of the Universe is a book about past lives. It shares a match list of citizens of the USA to their great achievements by men and women throughout history. The past life match work touches highly important legacies found in 35 countries. The preliminary psychoanalytic field observations made by,  the author, over 40 years were exhaustively cross-referenced to the behavioral nuances recorded in the world’s historical literature.  With an average of 2 matches made per year this book  talks about the eternal quality of the soul and it’s movement in historical contexts and brings to light adaptation factors such as, the fluctuation of the soul’s Earthly expression as one sex the other. The author, ties these sexual fluctuations that, are  intermittent presentations on  Earth, to Dr. Carl G. Jung’s theories about the influence of the anima and animus.

Therapists have healed psychological phobias that have origins in the emotionally memorable events from a past life. The”Ah Ha!” experience is guided by counselors more and more frequently.  New Age Humanistic therapists resolve conflict and dissolve anxiety when they identify impassess to healthy behavior by discovering a past life thier client has had. Dr. Brian Weiss, the most famous past life researcher of our time, has written best selling books detailing past life experiences of his clients whom, discover their past lives gently during hypnotherapy sessions that regress the client’s soulful remberances into the distant past.   Dr. Weiss’s students regularly perform past life analysis on their clients.  While, he is no longer accepting new clients Dr. Weiss has personally trained doctors and Masters level therapists in past life regression techniques which, are becoming increasingly, recognized as important in the resolution of inner anxiety and emotional conflict by the American Physicians Association. Dr. Jim Tucker a researcher and professor of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia, followed the late Dr. Ian Stevenson’s work at the university has also, written a book about past lives titled, Life Before Life.  Dr. Ian Stevenson’s rigorous clinical analysis and on site observations and documentations of reports of past lives first gave past life analysis clinical credibility. Carol Bowman’s Children Who Remember Past Lives and Gary Zukav’s, The Seat of the Soul are other excellent books that deal with the eternal quality of the soul and our passages on the planet Earth.

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